Record music effortlessly
in highest quality

The audio recorder that delivers studio quality sound – directly to your phone.

Used by professionals at

24Bit/96kHz Sound 
Wherever you Jam

Whether a new song or your weekly band rehearsal, with Mikme you’re always in best audio shape. A cardioid true condenser microphone delivers crystal clear and highest-quality sound.

​1” Gold plated True
Condenser Capsule

18 – 22.000Hz Extended

Frequency Response

24Bit / Up to 96kHz
Studio-Grade Quality

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Audio Recorder

How does it sound?

Don't take just our word for granted. Put on your best headphones and listen yourself. We've compared Mikme with the best from AKG and Neumann. 

Collect your songs
directly on your phone

Pair the recorder wirelessly with the Mikme App and you’re in full control right from your phone. Remotely choose the recording format, set resolution and gain adjust everything you want from distance.

  • Remote Recording
  • Secure Audio Streaming
  • Direct Editing

Audio Recorder

Take another listen.

Here is a short compilation of music recorded with Mikme.

Here is why
Mikme is the best audio recorder

Studio sound on the go

Mikme has a built-in 1 inch true condenser capsule for 24Bit and up to 96kHz audio recordings. So you're always equipped with high-end sound.

App for ease & flexibility

The wireless connection to the Mikme App turns your phone into a remote control allowing to stream and save music directly on the phone.

Direct editing & export

Adjust your recordings easily. Set the gain, add effects or mix tracks. You're always ready to save and export your songs wherever you want.

More than 3500 happy customers record their audio with Mikme. Become one of them!

"Mikme is a wireless microphone and
audio recorder like no other.


​16GB Memory always
keeps your music safe

Up to 360 hours of studio-grade audio can be recorded and safely stored on the internal 16GB memory. You can access the raw .WAV or a .M4A file, just plug it into your computer via the USB slot.

The Mikme is designed in Austria and made in Germany with top-notch components. Thanks to the lightweight but robust magnesium housing and the portable form-factor Mikme works perfectly for home and traveling recordings.

Made in Germany
Multi-awarded design
Lightweight & compact

Wait, Mikme is more.

  • ​Mikme: All-in-1
  • ​Wireless Microphone
  • ​USB Microphone

​Crystal clear audio on all devices. 

Easily connect Mikme to your computer. Record directly with your favourite DAW and finally upgrade your Skype calls, live streamings and podcasts with professional sound.

CES Innovation Award Honoree 2019

"Mikme is a wireless microphone and audio recorder like no other."

"This has features that are starting to blow my mind."

"The results were definitely impressive [...]."