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Mikme Pocket
launching on Kickstarter
June 24, 2019

Mikme Pocket is the world's first smart wireless audio recorder combined with a professional lavalier microphone. Sign up to our mailing list to get early access and exclusive deals. 

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Mikme Pocket will be available in Summer 2019

Mikme Pocket is the world's first smart wireless audio recorder combined with a professional lavalier microphone. Sign up to our mailing list to get early access and exclusive deals. 

Mikme Pocket
What makes it so great?

No additional receiver needed
With Mikme Pocket and the Mikme App, you are in full control of the sound of your videos. Manage  studio-quality audio recordings remotely, no matter if you shoot with your DSLR or your smartphone. Enjoy a fast and optimised workflow for  your video shoots.
Safe & reliable setup for every shot
Every moment matters. That's why we developed the Mikme Link, a wireless protocol that ensures lossless audio transmission. Combined with the 16GB internal memory always storing a failsafe copy of your audio, the Mikme Pocket is your go-to audio setup that works 100%.
Works with other apps & microphones
As versatile toolbox Mikme Pocket comes with a professional lavalier microphone. The mini XLR connector allows attaching any microphone of your choice. It works with the Mikme App (44.1kHz/24Bit) and with 3rd party Apps like Filmic via Bluetooth HFP (16kHz/16Bit). 

Wireless Audio Streaming via Mikme App

  • Failsafe audio streaming in 44.1kHz in 24Bit
  • Remote audio monitoring & control of multiple Pockets 

Standalone Audio Recording

  • 16GB built-in memory storing audio in m4a or wav
  • Audio recording in 24Bit and 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz

Mikme has already been chosen by professional content creators at:

Limited Early Bird Perks

We have some Early Bird crowdfunding spots reserved for you. Get notified when Mikme Pocket is available starting at 249 €

Mikme Pocket in Action

Here is a video of our friend Eddie performing a song on a skateboard with one of our early Mikme Pocket prototypes. The Pocket was attached to his shirt. The video was shot with an iPhone 7+ and the Mikme App, which automatically and wirelessly synced the audio from the Mikme with the iPhone video.

How does is it work?

Mikme Pocket & your Smartphone

Connect & Record
Connect one or more Mikme Pockets to your phone via our patented wireless link. From the Mikme App, you control all audio settings remotely while filming with your phone. Record high-quality audio that is automatically in sync with your iPhone video. No extra receiver, no dropouts.

Edit & publish
Your high-quality audio and video content is now in one place, ready for instant editing, adjustments and sharing. Great content created faster than ever. 

Mikme Pocket & your Camera 

Connect & Record
Connect the Mikme Pocket wirelessly to your phone for audio remote control. Or start the recording directly at the device. Either way, being a standalone recorder Mikme Pocket stores the highest-quality sound internally. Fail-safe audio any time.
monitor & export
Listen in to the recording wirelessly from a distance when connected to your phone to check and adjust the audio settings of one or more Mikme Pockets. Once finished, export .wav or .m4a files to the editing software of your choice to match your video scenes. Finest audio ready for post-production.

Mikme App 
The features at a glance 

Audio & Video Sync

Transmit audio to your phone without extra receiver hardware; no audio dropouts thanks to an internal sound copy. You can record from multiple Mikme Pockets without any other mixer needed.

Professional Video Settings

Record in up to 4k resolution in up to 60Hz frame rate. Set and lock manual focus and aperture. Record in portrait and landscape

Direct Editing & Export 

Mix the audio of each Mikme Pocket as a separate track (volume and panorama). Add audio effects and trim your audio length. On top, you can publish or export your video and audio creations instantly.

Video Live Streaming

Stream live high-quality audio to Youtube Live, Facebook Live without additional hardware.

The Rewards 
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